What is Kulfi?

Park view and kulfi bar to illustrate what is kulfi
July 21, 2022 0 Comments

Have you noticed how many frozen desserts there are now? Including kulfi? Enough to make you dizzy trying to find a healthy one to savor, while juggling children and menus! So we’re not surprised you’re asking, “What is kulfi?” If we didn’t already know the answer, we, too, would be thinking: “It sounds gourmet and interesting, but what is it?!”

Let’s Do a What is Kulfi 101 Together

Kulfi is the traditional form of ice cream you can find throughout India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and parts of the Middle East.

But don’t think in terms of western ice cream, because it’s completely different. It’s made with only

  • pure cooked milk,
  • cane sugar, and
  • natural ingredient flavors.

More about that in a moment. What makes our own kulfi special is how it came about! There’s a story and a journey behind Kaurina’s about overcoming the odds! See what you think.

Our Story Arc – Against the Odds

Our kulfi adventure in the U.S. started at our family kitchen table in Dallas in 2000. Mrs. Jas Singh often made her famous kulfis from a recipe passed down by her grandmother. Our wider family and friends urged her to take a chance and sell the kulfi bars at our local grocery store. They sold out the same day, and Kaurina’s was born!

However, people told us we couldn’t grow bigger and make a living. But we did and we have. We’ve expanded gradually from a home-based operation to a full-fledged American manufacturing business! Your ultimate kulfi experience is now here in the U.S.

So what is kulfi? Let’s have a closer look.

Kulfi Process – the Plot of the Story

We won’t lie to you – kulfi is NOT easy and quick to make. The process is very time consuming and a labor of love.

To create our signature texture, we slow-cook half-and-half (a mixture of whole milk and cream) and blend it with sugar and tapioca starch until it creates a thicker, caramelized base. This takes hours of careful simmering.

But that slow cooking time is what gives kulfi a slightly nutty taste. The effort’s 100% worth it. No air, no whipping – leaving you with a high-end, artisan frozen dessert. It’s also what produces the smooth, creamy texture and authentic flavor!

Authenticity really matters for us at Kaurina’s, like it does for you. So what else goes into authentic kulfi?

We add natural flavors like Pistachio-Almond, Malai, Mango, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. But when you’re serving it, we love it when you think of new ways to dress it up and enjoy it – eating it slowly, savoring the flavor.

The Longed-For Happy Ending

Many frozen desserts on the market have a problem ending! Indulgent ones are high in calories and fat. So-called healthy ones lack satisfaction and have various additives and artificial ingredients. Low-price ones don’t have quality ingredients. The ending is therefore not too good for your waistline!

On the other hand, our kulfi bars boast all the flavor but only half the sugar – 7 grams to be exact. Plus kulfi has no eggs, stabilizers, gums, or preservatives. With our few simple ingredients, they satisfy your indulgence and are better for you nutritionally.

So if you’re looking for a refreshingly happy ending, that’s kulfi.

There’s one to suit every palate. This makes it a great dessert for your large gatherings or simply sharing with your special other.

Find a Kaurina’s Kulfi Near You!

Our kulfi is wholesome and all-natural – and stays true to tradition. And thanks to the genius of Mrs. Jas Singh, we’ve been able to take kulfi from our kitchen table here in America to your own special celebration. Our favorite answer to “What is kulfi?” is it’s “a mother’s hug on a stick.”

Find our kulfi near you today!

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