A Home-Spun Start in Life

Kaurina’s Kulfi began as a beloved family recipe shared at the dinner table in the 1980s – a cherished dessert enjoyed by the Singh family and their close friends.

Jas, the Singh matriarch, meticulously prepared her kulfi using the 100-year-old family recipe.

The process involved slow-cooking half and half (the closest analog to India’s buffalo milk), skillfully adding ingredients such as pistachio and almond, mango, malai, or other family favorites – and finally freezing the kulfi into molds.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response to their homemade delight from family and friends, Hari, the father of the family, recognized the potential to introduce Kaurina’s Kulfi to a broader audience.

Kaurina's Business Journey Begins

The Singhs embarked on their business journey in the late 1990s, selling to Dallas-area Indian grocery stores, who were already familiar with the frozen dessert.

As more and more Indian grocery stores began placing orders, the family had to move the operation out of their family kitchen and establish a 2,500-square-foot facility dedicated to making kulfi.

At that time, Aman – Jas and Hari’s son – actively supported the business while also working a full-time corporate engineering job. Aman’s dedication was evident. He would work at his regular job during the day and make Kaurina’s Kulfi deliveries at nights and weekends – including delivering to Houston every two weeks.

By the end of 2004, Aman realized the incredible potential of the business and joined the company full-time.

Expansion Continues

From 2012 to 2018, Kaurina’s expanded again to meet local Indian grocery demand and manage Costco’s ever-growing requests for the product.

With demand coming in from HEB, Central Market, and other grocers – in 2021, Kaurina’s had to again change things up. They opened a remarkable 30,000-square-foot facility to give them the capacity to meet this exponential growth.

However, the Singhs have made sure that Kaurina’s Kulfi sticks to its traditions and the recipe that made it such a favorite with family and friends in the 1980s.

They never compromise on flavor, taste, or ingredients – because these are key to its continued success more than 40 years from when it appeared on the table in the Singh home!

A Winning Recipe

Together, the family has created a deliciously different dessert that is ice cream, perfected.

Lactose-friendly… gluten-free… no use of eggs… Kaurina’s Kulfi presents a unique and delightful frozen treat that has now found broad appeal throughout the U.S.

History of Kulfi

Kulfi is a traditional Indian frozen dessert made with milk, sugar, and individual flavorings such as mango, malai, vanilla, chocolate, and more.

A dessert of dense evaporated milk was widespread in the 16th century. But it was the Moghuls who came up with a way to flavor it and freeze it in metal cones, using a mixture of ice and salt to keep it cold. The word “kulfi” comes from the Persian word “qulfi,” which means “covered cup.”

Kulfi is denser and creamier than regular ice cream, with a slightly caramelized taste. It’s often garnished with nuts, rose water, or spices such as saffron. Savoring it slowly develops the distinctive flavors even more.

The earliest known reference to kulfi is in the Ain-i-Akbari, a document written by Abu’l Fazl. After becoming popular throughout the Moghul Empire, kulfi eventually found its way to other parts of the world – including to the kitchen of Jas Singh in the form of her grandmother’s recipe that is now known as Kaurina’s Kulfi. The rest is history!