Traditional Kulfi Recipe – and a Variation for the Time-Poor

kulfi bar with nuts to illustrate traditional kulfi recipe
September 15, 2022 0 Comments

Are you imagining a super frozen dessert to match the soaring summer temperatures? Longing to slowly savor a healthy kulfi bar, made from a traditional kulfi recipe? Today, we’ll show you how a Kaurina’s kulfi bar fits the bill.

But we’ll also let you in on the secret of how to make your own kulfi quickly when someone has snuck the last bar from your freezer! Not as good as the real deal – but worth knowing on a day when you’re time-poor!

Kulfi is the original ice cream of the Indian Subcontinent. We believe it originated in Persia, and Moghul royalty introduced it to us in the 1500s. Royal or not, it wasn’t anything like western ice cream. In fact, it’s a mistake to think about them in the same breath.

Why? Kulfi base is only pure cooked milk, cane sugar, and added natural flavors. And ours, in particular, follows the traditional kulfi recipe, passed down through our family.

It may have started life in the East but it’s now a U.S. favorite! Rich, dense, and decadent. No whisking, no artificial additives.

So What is a Traditional Kulfi Recipe?

Let’s look at our malai kulfi. We blend fresh, ground cardamom spice into our cooked, pure milk base to reveal the purest flavor of the original kulfi.  It’s a fan favorite due to its creamy and authentic taste.

“Malai” is the cream of the milk. So, to prepare our malai kulfi, we use half-and-half milk, simmering it and constantly stirring it until it thickens and its volume reduces by half.

This caramelizes the lactose and sugar, giving kulfi its distinct, creamy flavor.

For the Pistachio Almond kulfi, we add almonds and pistachios to the mix, creating the ultimate nutty experience.

We then pour the kulfi into molds to freeze – with the “stick” embedded. This slow-freezing process

  • means ice crystals don’t form and
  • produces the smooth, velvety texture you know and love.

Want to Try Making Your Own Kulfi?

At Kaurina’s, we happily take the long, traditional route of boiling and reducing the milk. Nothing can replace this for authenticity.

But sometimes you’re time-poor. So here goes with our suggestion for a quick version of the traditional pistachio kulfi recipe that requires no cooking and guarantees a creamy texture with no whisking.

1 You combine condensed milk, evaporated milk, and double cream. This will keep the kulfi rich.

2 To maintain the crunchy sensation, don’t forget to add pistachios. And for a little bit of spice, add cardamom, which will complement the taste of the pistachio beautifully.

3 As the final touch, saffron will give your dessert a sweet yet earthy and floral scent. Even a few strands of saffron will transform a regular snack into an alluring and lavish dessert.

4 Once you’ve mixed the milk with your ingredients, pour the mixture into the bowl and freeze.

5 Want to make your frozen dessert special? Try dressing it with rosewater, crushed nuts, mixed dried fruits, mango purée, or freshly grated coconut.

It won’t replace our own kulfi because Kaurina’s traditional kulfi recipe is crafted from centuries of inspiration and passion, and slow-cooking is the only authentic way to go.

But family cooking sessions are also fun. So, give it a go – and then head down to the store to buy the authentic, artisan version!

Kaurina’s kulfi is very special. Find our kulfi near you today!

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