Pistachio Kulfi, Mango Kulfi – and More Kulfi Goodness!

pistachios and mango fruit to illustrate pistachio kulfi goodness
October 13, 2022 0 Comments

Do you always like to know exactly what’s in your food? Even when it’s a dessert treat like pistachio kulfi or mango kulfi? We do, too. After all, you are what you eat!

So in this post, we’re going to look at the nuts, fruit, and spices that make kulfi a flavorful and healthy frozen dessert.

Malai Kulfi and Pistachio Kulfi – Nutty and Spicy With an Aromatic Hint of the East

We can’t talk about our pistachio almond kulfi or malai kulfi without mentioning cardamom, known as the “queen of spices.” Cardamom’s sweet piney, fruity, and almost menthol-like flavor is powerful – and balances the creaminess of malai kulfi with its pungent aroma.

Need a breath freshener? You’re in luck! Cardamom was both a breath freshener and a digestive aid in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. But there are other health benefits: It helps lower your blood pressure and manage your blood sugar. Delicious and healthy? Count us in!

So what happens when we blend cardamom with pistachios? That’s the best nutty and spicy combination ever!

However, pistachios also contain a slew of healthy components:

  • unsaturated fatty acids,
  • protein,
  • dietary fiber,
  • magnesium, and
  • potassium.

Add them to almonds and ground cardamom in our pistachio almond kulfi, and you’ve hit the roof for flavor and spice! Just remember to savor it slowly, as the taste grows even more awesome as it melts!

Strawberry and Mango Kulfi – Tropical, Fruity, and Natural!

We all know and love strawberries – they’re juicy, sweet, and delicious. But did you know strawberries are not berries at all?

A strawberry is actually a multiple fruit that consists of many tiny individual fruits! The brownish or whitish specks are the true fruits, each of them surrounding a tiny seed. The more you know, right?

As an excellent source of vitamin C, our Luscious Strawberry kulfi can give you the immunity boost you need to power through your busy day.

But what about the “the king of fruits” – the mango? Mango boasts an impressive nutritional profile – it’s

  • a great source of magnesium and potassium,
  • low in calories, and
  • packed with vitamins.

Kaurina’s recipe (gluten-free, by the way!) uses pulp from Alphonso mangos, making it the ultimate king of desserts.

Even its mango color comes from plant extracts (as do all our kulfi colorings). So you’re also benefitting from each extract! We don’t do things by half here.

Vanilla and Chocolate Kulfi – Classic, Smooth, and Rich

All of Kaurina’s kulfi is made with natural ingredients, and our vanilla and chocolate kulfi bars are no exception.

Pure Mexican Cocoa means you never have to feel guilty about eating chocolate. Besides, the Incas considered cacao the drink of the gods due to all its health benefits! Who are we to argue?

In addition, however, cacao can help boost your mood with its high levels of stress-reducing valeric acid and magnesium.

And what about vanilla? Likewise, vanilla is known for its calming, relaxing, and sensual qualities – it’s even an aphrodisiac in some cultures! Kaurina’s Vanilla kulfi uses pure Mexican vanilla and is as authentic and creamy as it’s possible to be.

Natural flavors… creative textures… simple but healthy ingredients…

Kaurina’s kulfi is your perfect gourmet, high-end, artisan frozen dessert. Whether you’re craving a spicy pistachio kulfi or the fruitiness of mango kulfi – or any of our other flavors – Kaurina’s has what you desire! Find our kulfi near you today.

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