3 Kulfi Tips to Beat Autumn Blues

Autumn leaves and kulfi bars to illustrate autumn blues and kulfi solutions
October 6, 2022 0 Comments

Is the weather turning colder? Are the leaves beginning to fall and the nights closing in? Do you miss the long, warm days of summer and feel a bit of autumn blues creeping in? We do! And that’s why we’re going to look at how kulfi can help you cope.

Kulfi is not just a summer thing, you see – it’s artisan, gourmet, and healthy at any time of year. Even autumn and winter!

So here are our best three tips to beat autumn blues with Kaurina’s kulfi.

1 Be Sociable – With Kulfi as Your Focus

Darker days can make you feel low and want to ignore other people. It’s tempting to stay inside and snuggle up under your blankets for the rest of the day!

However, spending quality time with friends and family can really help fight the blues.

So – why not invite your friends over for a kulfi-tasting evening?

Plan fun activities and do something different – this always revives everyone’s spirits. You can experiment with different kulfi flavor combinations, giving everyone something to talk about. And how about inventing new words to describe your kulfi experience? We’d love to hear what you come up with!

2 Exercise and Eat Well – With a Healthy Kulfi Snack or Dessert

Regular physical activity and eating healthily increase positive feelings. The colder months might encourage you to watch Netflix all day and become a couch potato, but being active can improve your brain health and help manage your weight.

So – why not exercise and then indulge in a healthy, nutritional kulfi snack?

At Kaurina’s, we believe eating well doesn’t have to come at the expense of your snacks or desserts! French chef Auguste Escoffier once commented: “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness” – and surely healthy good food must be even better! We think so.

Our bars have less lactose than traditional ice cream and half the calories. For example, each of our 1.6 oz bars contains only 7g of sugar and 80 calories – plus lots of vitamins, making it the ultimate guilt-free frozen dessert.

When you’ve done your exercise, therefore, grab a healthy dessert, relax, and savor it slowly while replenishing your energy levels.

3 Get Fresh Air Every Day – While Stocking Up on Kulfi!

Research has shown that being outdoors is good for our mental health. So it’s crucial to make time each day to go out for fresh air. Take as much advantage as you can of natural light. But even when the sun’s not shining and the nights close in, you can take a walk and feel better.

However, you might need an excuse, a little push, to go out when the weather turns cold!

So – why not make a trip to the store and stock up on Kaurina’s dessert bars?

Every bar is full of natural ingredients, vitamins, and calcium. Pistachio almond kulfi, mango kulfi, malai kulfi… You can feel it on your tongue as you read the labels! Your freezer won’t be happy until you have some of each.

And choosing which one to dress up for dinner will give your brain a creativity boost and amaze those visitors you invited!

Make the Most of This Season With Kaurina’s Bars

From tropical mango kulfi to sweet creamy malai, to spicy pistachio almond kulfi, we have a little bit of special for everyone to ward off your autumn blues. Find your kulfi near you today!

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