Kulfi Indian Dessert: Why Kulfi is NOT Gelato, Sorbet, or Ice Cream!

melting ice cream dessert in glass to illustrate why it is not kulfi Indian dessert
October 20, 2022 0 Comments

Don’t you just love a refreshing frozen dessert after your meal? Cultures all over the world enjoy their own version of ice cream. So today, we’re focusing on our favorite – kulfi Indian dessert – and how it compares to Italian gelato, frozen sorbet, and ice cream.

Whether you love to eat frozen desserts from a cone, a plate, or piled high with toppings, there are so many to choose from.

However, there’s a reason kulfi stands out from the rest. So – let’s compare!

Ice Cream vs. Kulfi Indian Dessert

We’ve talked before about the difference between ice cream and kulfi. You’ll likely remember that, unlike ice cream, kulfi has no added air. This means it takes much longer to melt and allows you to enjoy its flavors for much longer.

Fun fact 1 (an important one!): Did you know kulfi’s flavor develops fully only as it slowly melts? It releases its flavor far less instantly than ice cream – and that’s an important difference.

What About Gelato and Sorbet vs. Kulfi?

Italian Gelato

Gelato is simply the Italian word for ice cream – and three of the main ingredients in both ice cream and gelato are dairy, sugar, and air.

Thanks to our half-and-half formula, however, Kaurina’s kulfi is already healthier, with less lactose than both gelato and traditional ice cream! But there’s more…

Just like kulfi, gelato omits egg yolk. It starts out with a similar custard base to ice cream, but is churned at a much slower rate. And because it contains less fat and air than ice cream, the result is a richer and softer texture. Still, gelato contains about 25-30% air, while kulfi Indian dessert stands at 0%! Will you pay for air??

Gelato can also be less refreshing than kulfi – that’s because it’s stored and served up to 10°C warmer than traditional frozen desserts.

We’re biased, of course, but for a truly refreshing (“gourmet”) experience, we believe kulfi brings you all the flavor and frozen goodness you need via its denser texture, served at 0°C.

Frozen Sorbet

And on the topic of “refreshing,” sorbet does provide a cooling sensation, although without the element of dairy.

With only fruit and sugar as ingredients, manufacturers often churn it in an ice cream maker, which makes it very scoop-able!

Fun fact 2: Restaurants use sorbet as a palette cleanser during multi-course meals!

Sorbet combines a variety of ingredients such as fruit purées, liqueurs, and water sweetened via honey or other natural or artificial sugars.

But even though sorbet is lighter than ice cream, gelato, or traditional kulfi Indian dessert, the high sugar content that guarantees its texture means it’s super high in calories.

In comparison, Kaurina’s kulfi bars stand out! They’re low in calories. The bars introduce their flavor and texture, instead, with natural ingredients like pure cocoa, pure Mexican vanilla, strawberries, mango pulp, cardamom spice, pistachios, and almonds.

The Bottom Line

It’s not so simple to find a frozen dessert that’s healthy, artisan, gourmet – and lasts long enough for you to enjoy every last lick without it melting all over your hands!

This makes kulfi Indian dessert an ideal go-to snack for any occasion, any season, and any time of day. Discover the delights of Kaurina’s kulfi near you today.

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