Kulfi Frozen Dessert: Gourmet, High-End, Artisan

Chopped pieces of Kaurina's kulfi with fruit to illustrate kulfi frozen dessert
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We’ve made some serious claims up there about Kaurina’s kulfi frozen dessert. On the other hand, we would never use “gourmet, high-end, and artisan” just to sound good. Authenticity matters to us – right from Mrs. Jas Singh’s family recipe that started us off, down to the taste of the ingredients we add.

So let’s take a look at what those words really mean – and you can judge for yourself whether our claims are valid!

Gourmet: A gourmet is a connoisseur of good food, so something that’s gourmet should be suitable for a gourmet’s taste! After all, when you serve it to your family or friends, we know you want them to feel special – on the receiving end of good food.

High-end: Usually this might refer to appealing to the wealthy, but the only high-end that matters to health-conscious folk is healthy! High-end food has to be not only wonderfully rich and tasty but also healthy. We know from customer feedback that’s what you’re looking for in the kulfi frozen dessert space.

Artisan: When referring to food, artisan means it’s made in the traditional way using high-quality ingredients. That’s where authenticity comes in. We know you’ll see through any claims that don’t measure up! That’s why we’ve written before about making our kulfi frozen dessert by the slow-stirring method over many hours using natural ingredients.

Is Kulfi More Gourmet Than Ice Cream?

We believe so. We make it in the traditional way, slow-cooking the half-and-half and cream for hours to get that caramelized, slightly nutty taste that’s so pleasing if you like good food.

Because we don’t whip air into the milk, kulfi’s thicker texture takes much longer to melt – and your guests will notice the difference.

They can savor every lick, taking their time to enjoy every flavor. They’ll definitely consider it gourmet food!

Is Kulfi More High-End Than Ice Cream (i.e. Healthier!)?

The short answer is yes. Kulfi frozen dessert has half the calories, fat, and sugar of traditional ice cream. Unlike western ice cream, kulfi forgoes eggs and preservatives. And Kaurina’s traditional half-and-half formula ensures you get the rich and creamy texture with less lactose than traditional ice cream.

In addition, Kaurina’s kulfi bars are the perfect size for healthy indulgence, with each 1.6 oz kulfi bar containing only 7g of sugar and 80 calories. Bottom line, kulfi will please your taste buds without disturbing your diet plans – making it a very special frozen dessert for all the family.

Is Kulfi Frozen Dessert Artisan?

When you yearn for a frozen dairy dessert, you probably still consider the ingredients! The word “artisan” not only implies a traditional way of production but also quality ingredients.

So the good news is we use all-natural ingredients such as pure cocoa, pure Mexican vanilla, strawberries, mango pulp, cardamom spice, pistachios, and almonds.

And the extra good news is you can dress it up and serve it with additional items that are also full of nutritional value, like fruit and nuts. “Dressing it up” simply adds to the artisanal quality of your kulfi dessert!

The Verdict on Kulfi Frozen Dessert?

We believe we’ve described Kaurina’s kulfi frozen dessert accurately: gourmet, high-end, and artisan. But we’ll leave that for you to judge when you’ve tried it! You can find Kaurina’s at Costco, Whole Foods Market, HEB, and other independent and natural/organic stores across the U.S.

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