Kaurina’s Kulfi: How Can I Enjoy it?

Dressed-up Kaurina's kulfi frozen gourmet dessert
September 1, 2022 0 Comments

Ever found yourself heading for the frozen desserts cabinet in your local store and imagining all the ways you could dress up and enjoy Kaurina’s kulfi with your family or house guests?

If so, we’ve got some great ideas to inspire you! But first…

Why Dress Up Your Kulfi?

When it comes to frozen desserts, nothing beats a kulfi made with natural ingredients. It’s delicious, creamy, and a healthy frozen dessert choice! So why would you dress up kulfi? Well, it’s great to wow your family or dinner guests with your versatility and creativity. Adding some “dressing-up” allows you to enjoy

  • experimenting with different flavor combinations,
  • creating a visual WOW, and
  • enhancing the natural sheer indulgence of delicious kulfi.

Let’s dive in!

Kaurina’s Kulfi – 5 Ideas to Enjoy

1 If you’re planning to host a brunch or dinner party…

…consider offering kulfi bars as your dessert. Then upgrade the experience to “gourmet” by drizzling on raspberry or rose syrup to get the ultimate tropical flavor – somewhere between sweet and tart. You could even add fresh fruit. It looks awesome and blends beautifully with kulfi’s signature texture.

We suggest using Kaurina’s Mango or Luscious Strawberry kulfi for this one.

2 For a classic American experience…

…how about adding kulfi to that traditional apple pie you’re serving? The sweet filling combined with kulfi is refreshing – and perfect on a hot summer’s day.

Kaurina’s Malai or Vanilla kulfi are both great for this. Or maybe experiment with your own combination?

3 Coffee is a great way to finish any meal!

If your sweet tooth also demands a sweet ending, the solution is – drum roll – a chocolate kulfi with your coffee. This is the rich and decadent option! But you could also dip a kulfi bar in your coffee: Kulfi takes longer to melt than western ice cream, so you won’t end up with a mess!

Feeling even more adventurous with your coffee? Try an Italian-inspired Affogato: Pour a shot of hot espresso over a scoop of Kaurina’s kulfi, stir, and enjoy! The Creamy Vanilla pint will be excellent for this (it’s coming soon!).

4 Having a casual social gathering on the beach?

Add Kaurina’s kulfi bars to the list of snacks and treats. Transport them in a cool bag, and take with you pistachios, almonds, nuts, cashews, and dried fruit for a great combo of smooth and crunchy.

5 Finally, for a fancy look…

…serve your Kaurina’s kulfi on a plate and decorate with rose petals and saffron. We recommend Malai or Pistachio-Almond for this. The contrast in taste is so good you’ll find yourself savoring it, slowly and deliberately!

Where Can I Buy Kulfi?

Although Kaurina’s started as a small home-based operation, selling locally, we’re now a full-fledged American manufacturing business. You can find us at the local Punjabi, Indian, and Pakistani grocery shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And you can also find us at Costco, HEB, and at Whole Foods Market in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Our kulfi is crafted from centuries of inspiration and passion. So why not become part of our story this summer and dress up kulfi in your own way? Be bold! Be passionate. And let our ideas inspire your own creations. Find our kulfi near you today and enjoy it to the full!

Image © kaurinas.com