Kaurina’s at Central Market: a Winter’s Tale

huge pile of kulfi bars to illustrate Kaurina's at Central Market
December 15, 2022 0 Comments

Pull up your chair, wrap yourself in a rug, grab a hot chocolate (or your favorite winter drink) – because we’re going to spin you a tale today about buying Kaurina’s at Central Market.

Surprised? Well… things may “grow a bit in the telling,” as they say! But isn’t that the essence of a good kulfi story?

Besides, we’re sure you can tell what’s story and what’s fact. And Kaurina’s at Central Market is the main fact – just pop in next time you’re near a store and check!

So – time for a winter’s tale. We’ve called it The Case of Kaurina’s at Central.

The Case of Kaurina’s at Central

A Texas citizen is tramping along the streets past a number of houses with children playing outside. In his hand is a kulfi bar he’s just bought. Pistachio Almond – his favorite!

He’s about to start eating it – because although kulfi melts slowly enough to savor it for a long time (and even though it’s cold this afternoon), he knows he can’t leave it much longer before it melts.

At that minute, a young lad comes up and asks for help.

“Dad bought five boxes of Kaurina’s at Central Market,” he says. “He ate three bars himself and says we must divide the other 17 between us.

“We love the creamy texture. It’s better than ice cream. But dad says half must go to my brother, a third to my sister, and only a ninth to me. That’s because I’m the youngest. I never get as many as everyone else.”

“I was a youngest child. I know what it’s like,” says our Texas citizen kindly. “But what’s the real problem?”

“It means cutting a kulfi bar up,” the boy says. “And we all want whole bars like they sell in Kaurina’s boxes at Central Market.”

Our Texas citizen actually also enjoys his kulfi dessert chopped and dressed in all sorts of ways! But he goes over to the group, thinking carefully.

Solving Our Winter’s Tale About Kulfi at Central Market

Our hero knows about kulfi nutritional value. A kid should get a whole one!

With a stroke of genius, he hands over his pistachio almond kulfi bar (relieved it’s not yet started melting) and says, “Have the kulfi bar I just bought at Central Market back there.”

The three children look puzzled.

“It’s OK,” our citizen says. “That makes 18 Kaurina’s kulfi bars in total. So you, the oldest brother, get half. That’s nine. You, the middle girl, get a third, which is six, and you,” – he turns to the lad – “get a ninth, which is two.”

But the youngest lad is clever and looks puzzled. He says, “But that’s only 17.”

“True,” says our wise citizen. “Luckily, the kulfi bar that’s left is mine – so if you’ll kindly give it back, I’ll enjoy my favorite kulfi as I continue into town.”

As he strolls away taking bites of his tasty, slowly melting kulfi bar, he calls over his shoulder, “Don’t forget – when you’ve eaten them all, ask your dad to go fill the freezer again. Kaurina’s at Central Market, remember! All the flavors of kulfi bar you could ever want!”

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