Indian Kulfi 101

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Every now and then, we just like to get to things straight away, like taking the highway to avoid intersections! So let’s get started with an Indian kulfi 101.

Where Did Indian Kulfi Originate?

This frozen, concentrated, milk dessert, flavored with nuts and cardamom seeds, came to India via Moghul royalty in the 16th century. A dessert made for the confirmed gourmet!

Kulfi now originates everywhere: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, parts of the Middle East, across the globe, and in America. Ours originates in Texas!

What Goes Into Indian Kulfi?

To create the basic creamy texture, we slow-cook half-and-half (whole milk and cream) and blend in sugar and tapioca starch to create a thick, caramelized base.

During the Moghul period, Indian kulfi was mainly flavored with pistachios and saffron, a combination still in use. But Indian kulfi today has an array of flavors including

  • classics like chocolate and vanilla,
  • strawberry,
  • mango,
  • malai, and
  • pistachio almond.

Why is Kulfi Special?

One of the most special aspects of true Indian kulfi is its unique process of preparation – a time-consuming yet rewarding labor of love. Producing the caramelized base takes hours of careful simmering. But that’s also what keeps it authentic.

There’s no churning process and therefore no added air. The result is a thick, creamy, frozen texture.

And the result is it takes much longer to melt in your mouth. You can watch a whole drama while enjoying its natural, tasty ingredients!

Is Indian Kulfi Just Ice Cream?

The popular tag “Indian ice cream” is a misnomer! Kulfi is unique. Both ice cream and kulfi are frozen dairy desserts, but if you’ve tasted both, you’ll know that ice cream is soft while kulfi is dense. It’s unlike gelato, too.

In addition:

  • Indian kulfi has half the calories, fat, and sugar of traditional ice cream.
  • We introduce NO eggs or gluten.
  • Authentic kulfi has no artificial additives.

How is Kulfi Healthy?

Indian kulfi has the complete “triple factor” – it’s healthy, nutritious, and full of flavor. But how so?

As mentioned, there are no additives or artificial flavors, and its natural ingredients include pure cocoa and pure Mexican vanilla, strawberries, mango pulp, cardamom spice, pistachios, and almonds.

These ingredients not only enhance kulfi’s flavor, but contribute to your health with vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium.

Half-and-half means less lactose, too. So, with only 7 grams of sugar and 80 calories per Indian kulfi bar, desserts are for everyone!

Is Indian Kulfi Always on a Stick?

No! There’s plenty of room for creativity. Leave it on the stick for a quick snack or chop it and dress it up inventively. You could accompany your kulfi with fresh fruit or an extra mix of nuts, almonds, and pistachios. Experiment.

And keep an eye open for our new kulfi pints!

How Did Kaurina’s Start?

Our Indian kulfi adventure in the U.S. started at our family kitchen table in Dallas in 2000. Mrs. Jas Singh made her famous kulfis from a recipe passed down by her grandmother. We then sold kulfi bars at our local grocery store.

Since then, we’ve expanded from a home-based operation to a full-fledged American manufacturing business! Your ultimate kulfi experience is now here in the U.S.

So Where Can I Buy Kaurina’s Indian Kulfi?

Kaurina’s kulfi is just one click away AND available in almost 20 states! You can find us at the local Punjabi, Indian, and Pakistani grocery shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And you can also find us at Costco, HEB, and at Whole Foods Market in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Find our kulfi near you today and enjoy it to the full!

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