How to Savor Kulfi the Best Way

Luscious strawberry kulfi bars to illustrate how to savor kulfi with a zabardast experience
November 3, 2022 0 Comments

We bet you’ve seen how experts do wine tasting properly. So we’re going to use that today to show you the best way to savor kulfi. After all, the last thing we want is for you to miss out on the kulfi experience of zabardast.

But first let’s see what those expert wine tasters can teach us!

Wine-tasting methods (in brief!):

  • The wine taster holds the wine in their mouth for a while.
  • This helps them savor the differences at various “tasting” points.
  • They may also swish it around their mouth to give their taste buds different angles on the flavor.

But how does this apply to savoring kulfi the best way? First, let’s look at the worst way to savor kulfi?

How to Savor Kulfi the “Wrong” Way

Three things happen if you eat your kulfi the “wrong” way (of course, there’s no wrong way to eat kulfi but there’s always a better way!):

  • You feel its coldness more than any other aspect, bypassing the nuts, cardamom, mango, cocoa, and other deliciousness.
  • You also think it lacks creaminess – it’s difficult to feel creaminess on your tongue when its stone cold!
  • Because it’s so cold, you swallow it quickly and go back for the next bite, without having really enjoyed it. There was no zabardast experience (see below).
  • You finish your frozen kulfi bar too quickly and feel disappointed because you wanted to savor kulfi thoroughly – and have your guests admire your gourmet, artisan taste in desserts!

What is the Zabardast Experience?

It’s time to talk about zabardast (pronounced zubberdust).

Let’s face it, your guests might ask you – as you serve it – “What does kulfi taste like?” And you’ll need to be able to help them eat it in such a way that they savor the kulfi taste with a full-on zabardast experience.

Zabardast is a Hindi word with several meanings. A list might include:

  • awesome
  • terrific
  • overwhelming
  • amazing
  • intense
  • perfect
  • unbelievable
  • tremendous

The reason for this explosion of possible meanings is that kulfi has a unique taste especially if you let it develop.

Of course, taste is partly due to the caramelized half-and-half milk and sugar. Or kulfi’s healthy ingredients.

But overall, kulfi dessert owes its zabardast to savoring it well.

So – How to Savor Kulfi the Best Way

1 You need to emphasize to your guests that kulfi frozen dessert has a dense texture. This means it stays frozen longer. So you have to (and can) eat it more slowly. Encourage your guests to chat while they savor!

2 As you keep kulfi in your mouth, it starts rising in temperature and releasing more of its tasty flavors – whether cardamom, pistachio, chocolate, mango or something else.

3 In addition, as you slowly lick or chew, the creaminess becomes more apparent – your tongue loses its fear of the cold and starts to enjoy the increasing warmth and emerging texture!

4 And as the bar lasts longer, you can appreciate each added ingredient more thoroughly.

5 You also appreciate the lack of added air that ice cream suffers from that makes it such a “here-and-gone” affair! (Check out our frozen dessert comparisons here.)

What Else Happens When You Savor Kulfi Properly?

Your guests will probably leave early to go to the local store and buy up the kulfi cabinet! But we can’t be held responsible for that.

So – why not find a Kaurina’s kulfi near you today – and savor perfect kulfi the best possible way?

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