How is Kulfi Different and What Makes it Special?

A dinner table and a kulfi bar to illustrate how is kulfi is different from western ice cream
August 15, 2022 0 Comments

The next question we get asked after “What is kulfi?” is usually “How is kulfi different?” – because you’re hoping for the indulgence of a sweet dessert without the unhealthier aspects of the usual choices: ice cream, popsicles, gelato, or frozen yoghurt. We get it! It’s hard to go without treats, so you want to know how kulfi is different.

On the other hand, even if you’re simply looking for a special dessert for your social gathering, stick around. We’re going to cover both “different” and “special” today!

How is Kulfi Different From Ice Cream?

Making traditional ice cream involves sugar, milk, flavoring, and eggs. Manufacturers prepare it with dairy milk and eggs, and then flavor it with vanilla, cocoa, or any other essence – and add preservatives, stabilizers and gums.

As if that wasn’t bad enough for your health, they prepare it with a continuous churning method that adds air to the mixture. You can “see” this added air when the ice cream collapses as you lick and disappears faster than you hoped!

On the other hand, kulfi contains ONLY pure cooked milk and cane sugar, simmered for hours to a creamy consistency – plus natural ingredient flavors. NO churning. NO added air.

And the result is… that difference we mentioned!

Compared to ice cream, kulfi’s thicker texture takes much longer to melt in your mouth. You can savor every lick, every mouthful – not rushing to eat it but taking your time to enjoy it. It feels like a decadent, long-lasting gourmet experience. That’s not surprising, of course. While its origins probably lie in Persia, Moghul royalty introduced it to India in the 1500s.

You children will be delighted at the difference, your dinner guests in awe!

Kulfi Nutritional Value

Is kulfi’s nutritional value better than other frozen desserts? In our opinion, YES! Our half-and-half formula ensures you get the rich and creamy texture with less lactose than traditional ice cream.

And despite kulfi tasting more indulgent than other frozen desserts, you don’t need to worry about your calorie intake. It has HALF the calories, fat, and sugar of traditional ice cream: For example, each 1.6 oz kulfi bar contains only 7g of sugar and 80 calories.

OK, we don’t recommend binge eating kulfi while you watch your latest box set. But the nutritional value of a kulfi bar is special. You get a low-calorie, gluten-free treat, with plenty of vitamins and calcium.

Kulfi is therefore your healthy alternative frozen dessert – guilt-free for you, and delicious.

We hope we’ve convinced you that kulfi is both different and special. It’s nothing like ice cream, gelato, or any of the other desserts in the frozen cabinet. It’s

  • a healthier treat for your family day by day, and
  • super special for any other occasion.

Kaurina’s Kulfi – A Little Bit of Special For Everyone

At Kaurina’s, we’ve been passionate about pure, healthy ingredients for more than 20 years, because we want kulfi to be your first-choice upgrade for any brunch or dinner party. We love the idea of you living like Moghul royalty while indulging in kulfi’s special, healthy mix of creaminess, fruits, nuts, and spices!

Discover the delights of Kaurina’s kulfi today and see if you agree with us!

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